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Application Modernization
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Application Modernization
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Application Modernization
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Make your legacy app more secure, more efficient, and portable to hybrid cloud infrastructure. Phoenix Digital Technologies modernize traditional application with Docker Enterprise Edition.

Maintaining a legacy application is a challenge to every organization as it is expensive and time-consuming. Phoenix Digital Technologies provides a unique opportunity to modernize these apps into containers and make them portable, secure, and cost-efficient to operate.

Manage & Deploy apps securely

PhoenixDigital technologies will provide the platform for enterprise container management and security. It is an application-centric platform that can orchestrate, accelerate, and secure applications across the entire software supply chain, from development to production running on any infrastructure. Docker EE is a single way to manage and deploy your apps at scale, securely, and efficiently

Modernize from Monolith to Microservices

There is a lot of interest in microservices apps which are discrete, distributed, and independently maintainable blocks of functionality. Many organizations have this as a goal and the reality is that the first step is to modernize that app into a single container. The next step is to start refactoring the app and overtime one container can become hundreds. A recommended best practice is to start with functionality that changes most frequently, the target that for refactoring, and most importantly test, test, test

Importance of Application Modernization

If you are doing cloud-centric business transformation completely or moving your workload through stages, you will need to move your applications to the cloud for accelerating digital transformation.

Improved Cost and Time Management

The older legacy systems can perform only up to a certain extent as they function over on-premise infrastructure. This limited capacity performance issue of the legacy system on the cloud causes long term loss of time and cost management

Refactorize provides better functionality at minimal cost

Stop driving yourself and your employees to the point of frustration by working on older applications. Refactorize your existing applications and experience better functionality at minimal cost without investing in third-party applications for solutions. Application Modernization will give access to new features, functions, and benefit

Match-Up Applications with new cloud environment

Running an old legacy application on the new cloud environment causes ever-growing performance issues that spend the maximum time of the IT department in dealing with unfortunate outcomes rather than performing usual duties. Hence modernize application to adapt to a new cloud environment

Keeps System Up and Running

Older legacy applications have a high probability of breaking down if new features and updates occur. To improve service delivery and to keep the efficient cloud infrastructure running up all the time it is necessary to modernize applications

Great Security

Cybersecurity is a concern for every business entity. Application Modernization provides a top-line safety feature to protect itself and customers from any threats

Improved Work Efficiency

No one wants to stick with dying technology. With the new modernized application, the IT team and existing developers will sustain the department and improve technical skills in terms of the latest technology

To leverage the full capabilities of the cloud and to ensure that your system sustains with ever-growing and ever-changing requirements it is essential to modernize application and old legacy systems

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