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Eliminate unmanaged IT assets

Endpoint Analytics provides discovery mapping and complete visibility of all virtual and physically connected devices in the organization. It eliminates unmanaged IT assets and avoids point-in-time by continuous, passive discovery, endpoint agents, active scanning that misses rarely used connecting assets and risks. It provides rich data of connected assets that is the IP address, MAC address, hostname, device type, and manufacturer.

Proactively Manage Systems

It improves help desk operations, mean time to repair devices monitored, issue response, and repair capabilities by proactive system analysis. Endpoint Analytics provides a report of IT asset and inventory, software, complete usage tracking, and ongoing license rationalization. It helps in risk management, vulnerability assessments, and patch installs.

Monitoring and Alerting reporting

Continuous monitoring and accessing application performance across the network enables network operations teams to view and report on top application traffic, performance, and bandwidth

Phoenix’s digital technologies solution for endpoint analytic will provide a complete overview of point-in-time performance. It will fill the information gap for the IT team and protect an organization from unnecessary risks & unrequired costs. It continuously collects data from every managed endpoint across Cloud, laptops, virtual machines, and IoT devices and provide enhanced insight into systems, user behavior, network connectivity, application, binary, and process data.

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