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ITSM deployment
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Phoenix digital technologies ITSM Deployment moves new or changed hardware, software, documentation, processes, or any other component to living environments. It deploys components to other environments for testing or staging. Deployment management works closely with release management. The goal of Release and Deployment Management is to plan, schedule and control the build, test, and deploy the releases to deliver new or changed functionality, enabling systems, technology, and organization. This is achieved along with protecting the integrity of existing IT and Business Services.

The purpose of Release and Deployment Management is to

  • Define and agree on release and deployment plans with customers and stakeholders
  • Ensure that each release package consists of a set of related assets and service components that are compatible with each other
  • Ensure that integrity of a release package and its constituent components is maintained throughout the transition activities and recorded accurately in the CMS and stored in the DML
  • Deploy release packages from the DML to the production environment following an agreed plan and schedule
  • Ensure that all release and deployment packages can be tracked, installed, tested, verified, and/or uninstalled or backed out if appropriate
  • Record and manage deviations, risks, issues related to the new or changed service and take necessary corrective action
  • Ensure that there is knowledge transfer to enable the customers and users to optimize their use of the service to support their business activities
  • Ensure that skills and knowledge are transferred to operations and support staff to enable them to effectively and efficiently deliver, support and maintain the service according to required warranties and service levels

The objective of Release and Deployment Management is to ensure that:

  • There are clear and comprehensive release and deployment plans that enable the customer and business change projects to align their activities with these plans
  • A release package can be built, installed, tested and deployed efficiently to a deployment group or target environment successfully and on schedule
  • All aspects that are related within an IT service are considered when creating, building and implementing a new or subsequent release of that service.
  • Release activities are repeatable, controllable, scalable and sustainable
  • There is minimal unpredicted impact on the production services, operations and support organization

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