Software Asset Management ( SAM )
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Software Asset Management
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SAM is a vital function that involves essential people, processes, and tools to ensure a successful SAM operating model. SAM gives complete information on the installed software, its ownership, licensing, usability, automation, security, digitization, control of shadow IT, and future software strategy.

License Management

Makes the central database of your licensing terms and conditions easier and quicker to get the necessary information required for deciding the IT budget and purchasing better software.


SAM Performs regular audits to be compliant and ensure that installations do not exceed the available licenses. It keeps the organization ready for software vendor audits. It automatically alerts on over-usage, non-compliance, and high-risk configuration. It automatically fills software requests with existing licenses, stimulates data center architecture, and the resulting licensing costs.

Track unused software & optimize software deployment

SAM tracks data and gives transparency to optimize software portfolio, clean unauthorized products, and packaging software for deployment. SAM monitors, tracks, and reports users about the license agreements upgrade, renewal, and its expiry. The usage pattern gives information on frequently used, rarely used, and unused software.

Reduced Cost & time

SAM helps to purchase the right license and ensures compliance by providing a complete overview of software needs. That saves maintenance costs and licensing costs of unused software. Able to save time by responding immediately to audit letters, issues, and risks by receiving timely reports.

Plan strategy ahead

SAM provides transparency in current and past software needs. This helps in analyzing valuable insights on future software. It allows an organization to plan in advance on multiple levels from data center architectures to budgets and service-charging.

SAM empowers for better long-term licensing decisions, reduce cost, develop licensing strategies that create a flexible and agile environment.

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