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Service Catalog Consulting

Today’s Customer demands a framework that is robust, agile, and adaptable to an ever-changing business paradigm. Phoenix Digital technologies effectively respond to this complex requirement with a well-designed service catalog that brings value to an organization. Our team will help and organize your services into a logical line of services. IT delivers one of the main benefits of the IT service catalog offer is visibility into essential business services. Additional benefits are:

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Improved resource allocation
  • Reduced IT service delivery time
  • Simplified and improved service delivery processes
  • Reduced overall service costs
  • Improved communication and collaboration
Service catalog consulting

ITSM Assessment

Phoenix Digital technologies provide customized, fact-based, and ROI driven ITSM assessment. Gain visibility of how work is done and develop a baseline foundation to support the Digital Transformation Objective.
ITSM assessment will provide invaluable outputs such as ITSM performance summaries referenced against ITIL standards, service management improvement recommendations, and process maturity assessments for improving an organization’s performance across the board. ITSM assessment creates a complete roadmap that shows a navigable path from the current state of operation to the desired end-points.

ITSM Advisory

ITSM Strategic Planning

Outline, Implement and Optimize a powerful ITSM execution strategy. To build efficient IT Services Phoenix Digital technology creates a plan that underpins your business goals with important ITSM concepts. ITSM Strategic planning will help the organization to:

  • Improve decision-making capability
  • Improve operational stability
  • Measure progress aligning with the organization’s long-term vision
  • Evaluate resources and budget for the future
  • Analyze a cost versus value of projects
  • Enable to deliver more value at less cost by tightening up the execution model
ITSM Strategic Planning

IT Service Costing

With a deep understanding of the software development lifecycle, leading teams, and executing projects on time and on budget Phoenix Digital Technologies provides the best consulting IT service costing.
We help businesses to identify the services that provide the most value to the business. We dig into the full cost of the services businesses offer, even when they’re complex or shared, then determine a chargeback model tailored to the organization. Our approach concentrates on improving the areas of financial management where the organization will realize the highest ROI over a short time horizon.

IT Service Costing

Service Level Management

Service Level Management teams are closely tied to business processes and customer management, Financial Management for IT Services, and Capacity Management. Service Level Management provides information about service gaps and interruptions to Capacity Management for capacity assessment and implementation of required changes. Service level management provides benefits such as :

  • Better understanding between business units and IT
  • Enable accurate service quality expectations by effectively measuring, monitoring and reporting service quality
  • Clearly describing roles and responsibilities
  • Providing the necessary flexibility for the business to react quickly to market conditions
  • Creating accurate infrastructure sizing based on defined service levels
  • Avoiding or mitigating the costs of excess or insufficient capacity
  • Providing system in supporting internal or external sourcing of IT services
ITSM Advisory

Process, Design & Documentation

Phoenix Digital Technologies will enhance efficiency & workflow. Our team will map your processes, analyze challenges, and will provide insights for immediate improvement.

process design and documentation

Free Consultation

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