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Cloud Operations Objectives

  • Ensures service and capacity management done on the location
  • Helps to reach the service level agreements
  • Maintains and secure the confidentiality of data
  • Provides better cloud services and benefits to the customer
  • Calculates the used storage spaces and charges for customer
  • Provides backup and disaster recovery benefits to the customer

Cloud Operations Management Objectives

  • Take security action correctly at the right time
  • Use necessary and correct tools and resources to manage cloud operations in order to eliminate waste of efforts and redundancy
  • Good quality of service reduces time, effort and cost
  • Automate & standardize the process for each function
  • Adopt best practices to protect and manage cloud operations 
  • Cloud operation analytics provides maximum visibility of the cloud environment which helps to achieve the best security while minimizing the cost

Cloud operations benefits

  • Cloud operations simplify management of the technical structure eliminating complex and expensive hardware
  • Improved efficiency while the risk of disruption is reduced
  • Expected high speed and quality is provided to the user as it is user-friendly and flexible
  • Reduces the cost by providing proper infrastructure maintenance
  • Ability to scale application horizontally & vertically by using correct tools to optimize capacity utilization

Cloud Operations features

  • Utility pricing
  • Elastic resource capacity
  • Managed Operations
  • Third-party ownership
  • Self-service provisioning
  • Management Automation
  • Virtualized resources

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