IT Asset life cycle Management
IT Asset life cycle Management
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IT Asset Lifecycle Management
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IT Asset Lifecycle Management
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IT Asset Lifecycle Management


  • Post-purchasing, adds to the assets inventory
  • Creating purchase orders
  • Pre-defining PO workflow
  • Linking to cost centers for budgets
  • Getting PO approvals

Deploy and Discover

  • Deploying the assets and changing state from inventory to in-use
  • Allocating software to a hardware asset
  • Discovering the assets in the network for both software and hardware inventory
  • Adding relationship maps


  • Scheduling timely scans and getting audit history
  • Completing ownership tracking
  • Software compliance and license management
  • Asset depreciation calculations
  • Total cost of ownership of an asset


  • Maintaining contracts for assets
  • Notifying technicians of expiry dates
  • Identifying impact through dependency mapping in CMDB
  • linking Software license agreements to the software

Retirement & Disposal

  • Changing the state of an asset to expired/disposed
  • All the software allocated to the disposed asset will get un-allocated status.

IT assets are the key resources to the IT operations. Optimized usage of assets utilization improves service assurance and lower the overhead costs. Without knowing what is assets are used in organization will have risk in terms of – security risks, compliance risks, financial risks and audit risks

Benefits of IT asset lifecycle management

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