IT Data Center Automation
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IT Data Center Automation
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Regulatory, security, and internal IT compliance

Defined policies and role-based access for internal & external regulatory requirements enable the consistent processes of compliance audits, orchestrated remediation, and any other required exceptions. Service level objective management establishes the priority of fixing variances before they become violations. Automation for sever ensures compliance and secure data center operations.

Threat Management

Detect and deal with outside threats, denial of service attacks and hacking by deploying and managing anti-virus and anti-malware. Automation for the server will scan the system consistently and report the updates regularly of the latest threats and programs thereby, tracking top vulnerabilities, prioritizing, and resolving detected issues

Enterprise-standard provisioning & configuration

Configuring devices, components, additional hardware, installing applications, and manage capacity available, including network hardware, storage, new virtual machines, and telecommunications provisioning. Automate server management will Monitor, report, and resolve unattended installs and image-based, script-based, or template-based provisioning. Automation for servers allows quick and secure provision, configure and maintain both physical and virtual servers. It will reduce downtime, deployment failure, and manage complexity and scalability across environments

Backup & Discovery

Backup servers and data automatically on a scheduled basis


The server will automatically monitor, manage, and operate a data center abiding in compliance with the operating and organizational requirements. Automated data center will monitor mission-critical network components, alert on-call responders when problems occur, and uptime reporting. Also remediate or troubleshoot the issue.

Patching & Remediation

Data Center Automation will identify and roll out the patches automatically. It will Automatically download and deliver server updates and hotfixes to client machines. Orchestrate & remediating the risk in data centers improve security and compliance

Phoenix digital technologies offer IT data center management as a service to help customers to access, analyze, monitor, prioritize & remediate risks in Data Center. Using Data Center Automation the servers, networking equipment, facility operations, management & maintenance task is automated. It automates IT compliance and manages vulnerable risks consistently. It orchestrates and remediates as per the service level objectives and maintenance window

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